On a mission to enable organizations and individuals to create and share verifiable data, Dock has invited its trusted community members to test new features and upgrades on Dock’s Mobile Wallet App. One of these new features allows users to store and manage verifiable credentials directly on their mobile devices. We are committed to delivering a service made entirely for the community and are entrusting our community members to test the wallet app feature. This will ensure the feature is customer-focused and fulfills community needs.

Verifiable Credentials Explained

Verifiable credentials (VCs) are tamper-proof credentials that can be cryptographically verified. VCs can represent things found in physical forms such as a driving license or passport, and things that have no physical equivalent such as ownership of a bank account or NFT.

The difference verifiable credentials bring is that they can be instantly verified and cannot be tampered with.  

An issuing body, such as an educational or training institution can create and issue verifiable credentials. These credentials have been cryptographically signed by the issuing authority and cannot be tampered with. The individual receiving this credential now owns the data and can prove the credentials are legitimate without contacting the issuer.

The Old-Fashioned Way

Let’s take Dave for example. Dave moves around different construction sites each week for work. He has taken several online courses legalizing him to drive a forklift, operate diggers, and more. Dave must carry prints of these certificates or a laptop to display the PDF certificates. Being a construction worker, a laptop isn’t the safest option as it can get damaged easily, therefore Dave usually opts for paper certificates. He prints off the certificates and takes them to each construction site he works at.

According to COSAC, the average construction worker holds between 8 and 10 certificates. Dave has to carry all these physical certificates to each site he attends and prove his qualifications to work there.

The Ease Of Verifiable Credentials

If Dave is issued verifiable credentials by the training body, he has complete control over them. The verifying body can validate the credentials are legitimate without the need to contact the issuing body.

The benefits of owning and storing your own credentials are unmatched by today’s standards. Dock’s Wallet App will allow users to store and manage their verifiable credentials from their mobile devices. This feature will soon be released but we want to ensure we’ve worked out the kinks and that it’s fit for customer use.

On With The Beta Testing

From Monday, our selected beta testers will be knighted with a unique credential from Dock and have the ability to import this credential into their Mobile Wallet App. They’ll have 7 days to explore the credentials management flow we’ve designed and expose any bugs they find. These bugs will be detailed back to our development team and addressed before launch.

To ensure the feature fulfills customer needs, the beta testing will continue for another week once all bugs and issues have been reported and resolved. We’re doing this as we want to ensure we are releasing a customer-focused, customer-centric, user-friendly credentials management flow.

Dock wants to guarantee an intuitive user experience, assuring a seamless and simple import and credential management flow. We believe this feature will serve great importance to the community and will overcome various risks associated with paper and PDF credentials.

12,500 DOCK tokens are up for grabs for our beta testers who report the best and most in-depth feedback on our credentials management feature. The token rewards are split between 2 scopes - security and user experience of our wallet app feature. If you’re interested in being a part of our future beta testing programs, keep an eye on our social media and be the first to trial Dock’s upcoming features and products.

Late last year, we announced a collaboration with Transak opening the doors for the wider community to buy DOCK tokens via card payments and bank transfers. To on-board as many as we can, Dock has enabled this ability on our Mobile Wallet App. App users can buy tokens from fiat to crypto using local payment methods in a few simple clicks. Our beta testers will have the opportunity to test this feature and ensure the process is as smooth as it can be.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All data should be kept private and they can’t share any link with any other person. Everything in strict confidence and no disclosure of any information.
  • Only disclose errors and bugs to the company and no one else
  • Rewards will be given to the best feedback provider and not to everyone participating. However, team can consider rewarding participants that uncover a unique or severe security related bug that brings substantial improvement to the app
  • Testers should provide feedback only using the google form provided and nothing else

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