Dock Certs, our platform that enables users to easily issue, verify, revoke, and manage fraud-proof Verifiable Credentials, now has a Certificate Designer feature that allows users to customize the design of their credentials.

We created Dock Certs because organizations with little to no technical resources were repeatedly requesting a no-code solution to be able to issue and manage Verifiable Credentials. One of the most requested features was being able to customize the look of the certificates so they could integrate their brand and preferred elements.

Designer Features

  • Drag and drop visual editor
  • Add your branding
  • Use pre-existing templates
  • Add images and edit fonts
  • Add a QR Code for verification

Check out our Designer user guide here.

Demo of Our Certificate Designer

You can start designing a custom certificate from scratch or use one of our existing templates like Training Certificates, Bills of Lading, and Commercial Invoice with many more options to come. Add your branding images, edit fonts, and place the verification QR Code where you prefer.

Try customizing your certificates today.

About Dock

Dock is a Verifiable Credentials company that provides Dock Certs, a user-friendly, no-code platform, and developer solutions that enable organizations to issue, manage and verify fraud-proof credentials efficiently, securely, and at a lower cost. Dock enables organizations and individuals to create and share verified data.

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