If you are fortunate enough to live in a country governed by democracy, at  some point in your life you’ve probably received a lecture about the importance of voting. This concept is something our parents and elders have great respect for, and with good reason.

Bureaucratic  inefficiencies aside, the ability to affect the course of an entire  country should not be taken for granted. In the public Blockchain world  this idea is heavily incorporated, and gives anyone power to help shape  the path a team follows.

At  Dock, our voting mechanism is something we are proud of, and we want to  re-emphasize it’s importance. The voting feature is available to anyone  who holds our token, and the feedback we get through it is incredibly  valuable.

With  progress at Dock picking up steam, we want to make sure our community’s  voices are heard as we continue to innovate throughout the year.

In  light of this, for 2019 Dock will be proposing votes much more  frequently, and our hope is that you’ll help us out by casting your  vote!

Proposal 12 Breakdown

Effective  immediately, and continuing for the next 30 days, Proposal 12 will be  live. During this period our community will have the chance to:

Vote on a solution they trust to securely store the data associated with your Dock account.

No  one should your own your data except for you, and this proposal is  based on the belief that individual ownership of data is important.  Dock’s mission to give you back control of your data starts with this  concept, because in today’s world it is very difficult to control data  that you do not own!

Why we’re having a vote

In our whitepaper, we had discussed using IPFS (InterPlanetary File System)  as our storage solution. Recently, regulatory uncertainty about  encrypted data qualifying as fully anonymized and the importance of  providing our users with full control led us to revisit this choice.

We  decided that providing a few storage options, based on what is most  popular with our users, is the road that we want to follow. Ideally, any  of the storage solutions that we integrate will be easy to use and  accessible for our users.

How this storage solution will work

Regardless  of the winning option, the personally identifying information that is  stored for your Dock account will reside inside a “data storage  solution”. As a user you will have access to this data, and can remove  it at your discretion.

Making our “short list”

In  compiling this list of options for data storage we focused on finding  choices that balanced the level of security provided with ease of use.  With this in mind, the options below contain some common data storage  solutions that you’ve probably heard of.

We’ve  also listed an option called “Self-Hosted”. This refers to data storage  that uses open-source software. A few examples would be ownCloud Server, NextCloud, or Cozy. Please keep in mind that we haven’t decided on a particular “Self-Hosted” option as more due diligence is required.

The Options

The  5 options to consider for Dock’s data storage solution are below, along  with a link to learn a bit more about them. Happy voting!

  1. Dropbox
  2. iCloud
  3. Microsoft OneDrive
  4. Google Drive
  5. “Self-Hosted” ~ Any open-source cloud storage solution, see above for examples.

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