We’re excited to announce our newest feature, which allows users to deploy existing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts on the Dock network.

The team has integrated the Dock mainnet with Parity’s Frontier project, making it possible to deploy smart contracts written in Solidity on Dock and interact with them using existing Ethereum libraries such as web3 or ethers-js.

We expect this feature to serve a wide variety of use cases. Its most immediate application will be the integration of our mainnet with Chainlink’s price feed, which is planned for completion in the coming weeks. This integration will allow us to price the network services in USD, and enable us to add other fiat currencies as needed in the future, making it simpler for organizations to issue verifiable credentials on Dock’s infrastructure.

To illustrate the steps for deploying and using EVM smart contracts on the Dock mainnet, our team has created a tutorial for deploying a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The tutorial contains step-by-step instructions for handling EVM accounts and setting up and executing an example DAO on Dock.

We will continue to add new features to our offerings and contribute to the Polkadot ecosystem. The team’s plan for the rest of 2021 is reflected in our roadmap, which was explained in detail in an earlier blog post.

About Dock

Dock is a platform designed to provide a simple solution for businesses and developers to build, manage and present digital credentials that are instantly verifiable using blockchain technology. Dock has leveraged Polkadot to create a standalone blockchain, integrated payment and incentivisation token, a trusted network of validators, and seamless adoption and interoperability. Dock is part of a movement to solve universal problems with existing data and how it is captured, shared and controlled. Learn more about Dock by visiting the website, GitHub, or Twitter.

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