Dock is excited to announce our collaboration in the next DAO HACKATHON which is running in the US and India. All participants in the hackathon will be issued Verifiable Credentials by Dock. HackMania has organized and managed hundreds of hackathons across the globe for over 6 years, equating to over 500 hackathons, 1,500,000+ applicants, creating 30,000+ prototypes, and have distributed over USD 750,000 worth of prizes.

Since the 22nd November, USDAO and Dock are on the hunt to find and fund the best solutions built on the Decentralized Autonomous Organization tech stack. The sectors to innovate within Dock’s challenge include:

  • Self-Sovereign Identity
  • Workforce Training
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Learning & Academia
  • Health & Safety

The virtual hackathon, hosted by HackMania, co-sponsored by Dock, gained over 2,500 registrations before the official launch on the 22nd November.

Participants can form teams and start building their solutions, at every juncture of the hackathon, mentors will be available to help teams build their MVPs. The mentor sessions are available between the 22nd November and 5th December. The mentors, who are also the acting Jury include Andrea Frosinini from Hyperledger, Nick Lambert, Elina Cadouri, and Mike Parkhill from Dock, Julien Klepatch from Eat The Blocks, and Prasanna Lohar from DCB Bank.

The jury will evaluate all submissions from the 6th December and winners will be selected and announced on the 10th December. The top 3 teams who partake in Dock’s challenge will be provided USD 5000 worth of Dock tokens. Enter the Hackathon and take part in Dock’s challenge here.