Zug, Switzerland – March 16, 2023: Dock, a pioneer in the Verifiable Credentials space, today announced the availability of Certs API on Rapid’s Marketplace, the world’s largest API Hub where over 4 million developers find, test, and connect to tens of thousands of APIs with a single account. Dock’s Certs API can easily be integrated into systems to enable organizations and developers to make data fraud-proof and instantly verifiable.

Mike Parkhill, Dock’s Head of Engineering, said, "We are excited to make Certs API available on Rapid to give developers who want to offer Verifiable Credentials and decentralized digital identity features the tools to build quickly and easily. We believe this will create innovative solutions for organizations by leveraging verifiable, fraud-proof data.”

Certs API Features

  • Issue Verifiable Credentials and create decentralized identifiers (DIDs)
  • Data, documents and credentials are made fraud-proof and instantly verifiable through the use of cryptography and blockchain
  • Set automatic expiration dates and remote revocability of validity
  • Put a proof of issuance on the blockchain (anchoring)
  • Send data, documents and credentials directly to users’ identity wallet apps
  • Set up Verification Requests to verify users’ data and enable Wallet-to-Wallet verification and verification on the web
  • Backup encrypted data to the cloud
  • Advanced privacy features such as Selective Disclosure and Zero-Knowledge Proofs
  • Built in the cloud and designed to scale with you
  • Interoperable because Dock uses international standards for Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized identifiers set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Certs API Benefits for Developers and Organizations

Building with Dock’s Certs API can provide the following results:

  • Protect documents from manipulation
  • Issue instantly Verifiable Credentials
  • Get to market up to 6 times faster than when creating a verifiable credentials solution from zero
  • Increase efficiency by automating Verifiable Credential issuance

Developers don’t need blockchain and cryptography knowledge to build Verifiable Credential and decentralized identity functionalities. All they need to know are the standard REST protocols.

About Dock

Dock is a Verifiable Credentials company that provides Dock Certs, a user-friendly, no-code platform, and developer solutions that enable organizations to issue, manage and verify fraud-proof credentials efficiently and securely. Dock enables organizations and individuals to create and share verified data.

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