What is Dock?

Dock is an autonomous network for producing digital credentials that utilize blockchain and make credentials secure, verifiable and return data control to owners.

How has the vision evolved?

Dock was founded with a mission to solve inefficiencies in existing data solutions: untrusted and inaccurate information, data silos and gatekeepers, incompatibilities, and lack of control for users.

We started with a data exchange protocol, allowing users to control data sharing with apps and sources. While promising we found a more optimal method of addressing our vision through R&D and working with participants and partners. In order for us to make the largest impact we need to connect with the source of data at its point of creation to ensure integrity and interoperability.

In short, the vision hasn't changed but the solution has been optimized.

What is a digital credential?

A credential represents important data about an individual: work experiences, skills, certificates, degrees, course completion, learnings, achievements and more which ultimately lead to capabilities.

Why is blockchain needed for credentials?

Using a blockchain creates substantial efficiencies that aren't otherwise possible.

  • Verification: a blockchain enables a credential to be instantly verified independent of any organization, which is otherwise not possible.
  • Ownership: a blockchain provides data ownership to organization and/or individuals.
  • Security: data is secure, tamper-proof and independent of any organization.

Why is Dock building its own blockchain and not using Ethereum, Bitcoin or others?

Initially Ethereum was the only viable option for us because decentralization was vital and we need the ability to program application logic. Ethereum has constraints, from scaling to block size to gas fees. It wasn't possible to create a scalable solution and waiting for Ethereum 2.0 with many unknowns wasn't an option.

In the absence of building on an existing public blockchain, we found Substrate allows us to address our needs while providing an interchain friendly ecosystem that makes operating a highly solution-specific blockchain effective without having to sacrifice feature completeness.

What is the Dock token and why is it needed?

A token is required to create economic incentives for the network to operate autonomously and similar to the reasons we chose to build our own blockchain vs using Ethereum or an existing chain, we can create a much more optimal, efficient and user-friendly system by customizing economics for our specific needs and network.

Who is the team behind Dock?

Dock has two teams contributing, Dock Labs and Verifiable, with plans to add additional teams moving forward.

Dock Labs is a web3 focused team consisting of some of Dock's original team members as well as new additions.

Verifiable is a cross-functional team contributing to a wide-range of areas and consists of many of Dock's original team members as well as new additions.

What is the relationship between Dock and Verifiable?

Dock and Verifiable are independent organizations. Verifiable was created by members of the Dock team to provide early adoption, growth and demonstrate network benefits to encourage additional partners and participation.

Dock and Verifiable's governance are independent of one another and in time will have different team members.

Who controls Dock?

Currently a board controls Dock and we are in the process of transitioning to a non-profit entity. The long-term goal for Dock is to be completely decentralized and autonomous which will be achieved iteratively over time.

How does Dock sustain financially long-term?

Dock currently has a treasury which is projected to last more than three years. This treasury may increase or decrease as the market and project needs fluctuate.

Aside from the treasury, Dock will earn a small portion of each transaction(credential creation) in the network. We project this small percentage will be enough to continue to sustain the network for the long-term.

Where is my login and how do I access my Wallet with data control apps?

Wallets and data control apps can now be accessed at Verifiable.com.

Dock will be focused on being a production layer for B2B transactions and credential production moving forward.

How does Dock help me control my data?

Data control is an important topic for Dock and a big part of our mission.

We help people control their data by ensuring organizations are issuing credentials properly, so they are compatible with other systems(portable) and utilize blockchain to provide a permanent copy to reference.

How can I follow updates?

How can I participate?