Dock has decided to extend the token migration until midnight (GMT) on the 31st of March 2021. We are extending the migration window by around 3 weeks to ensure those who haven’t migrated yet have sufficient time to do so. For those who are migrating directly, you can continue to use the Dock migration portal and accompanying migration tutorial. As we’ll discuss in the next section, Binance will also assist their users with the migration prior to the 31st of March.


Current exchanges supporting the newer mainnet token are Huobi, Kucoin and Binance has already confirmed their support and that they will be supporting the mainnet token prior to the migration window closing. Those with DOCK ERC20 tokens currently on Binance can leave them on the exchange at their choosing and they will be migrated by Binance on your behalf. Binance will confirm specific timings in the coming weeks.

Moving forward

Those who have been following Dock will know that the Dock mainnet token represents a key part of the network and already provides utility. It acts as an integrated payment mechanism for performing network operations, a way to reward validators who provide their resources to the network by producing blocks and confirming transactions, and as a voting mechanism within Dock’s decentralized governance.

As outlined in our recent roadmap post, Q2 2021 (between April and June) will see Dock transition to Proof of Stake and with that we’ll provide the community with one of our most requested features, staking. We’ll also be building a new Dock wallet during the course of this year with our v0.1 release planned for Q3. This will not only facilitate the storage and transacting in DOCK tokens, but it will also be a place to store W3C-compliant verifiable credentials.

Stay safe out there

Although we are nearing the end of the migration process it is still important that we all remain vigilant and keep our crypto safe. Extraordinary events like a token migration can represent an opportunity for scammers to part you from your tokens if you don’t take care. Please learn more by reviewing our blog post, “10 Ways to Stay Safe During the Migration” for hints and tips.

If you have any questions regarding the token migration, please contact our support team at

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