Our core mission at Dock is to help you better control your data online. Personal information has been exposed in data breaches from many of the largest and most popular consumer applications. Just last year Equifax experienced one of the most severe breaches ever, exposing sensitive personal information on 145 million people.

Personal information accessed during these hacks is sold and distributed on the dark web, exposing emails, passwords and other sensitive personal information. Many people use the same set of passwords online not realizing these passwords have been previously compromised, essentially providing open access to the public to their online accounts.

Introducing Safe Scan

Safe Scan analyzes data breaches and searches dark web forums to see if your emails, passwords or information has been hacked or compromised on other websites like LinkedIn, Dropbox, Yahoo, Snapchat, Adobe and many more. We provide recommendations for updating these credentials and further strengthening your online security.

Safe Scan can’t change what’s happened in the past, but it can help you identify compromised credentials and prepare better for the future, potentially saving you a ton of time and money.

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Expect more useful tools to better control your information to come soon!

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