Data breaches are becoming more frequent than a celebrity twitter rant. This is why we here at Dock are committed to informing our users and helping them take back control of their data. After the success of Safe Scan for email we turned our attention to the bane of everyone’s existence; Passwords. Over 517,238,891 passwords have been exposed in data breaches. To fight back, Dock is introducing Safe Scan for Passwords so you can see if your password was one of them.

Introducing Safe Scan for Passwords

Safe Scan for passwords allows users to type a password and then check data breaches to see if their credentials have been compromised. People share or reuse a compromised password online all the time, this allows their accounts to be stolen very easily. Dock is committed to help our users solve this problem.

Safe Scan for Email had a great response from our community and we saw how people loved using the feature. Safe Scan for passwords isn’t magic and it’s not a time machine, but it is a great tool to inform you and help you take control of your information.

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