Transparency and timelines are critical for a project as ambitious as We’re excited to share an early look at our roadmap and a glimpse into what to expect in 2018.

Release the app

Timeline: Early Jan 2018

Description: The app will serve as a connector between apps in the ecosystem, providing users a source to manage their information as well as sharing preferences between apps they are connected to in the network. As you update your information online: work experience, new connections, or complete an online course, you can automatically sync updates throughout the network. You will also be able to set specific share preferences if you want to be selective with where certain information is shared.

Rewards Program

Timeline: Jan 2018

Description: is a network, and the more people in the network, the more value it delivers to everyone involved. Our Rewards Program helps drive network growth and also rewards early adopters for contributing to the network. Users will be able to earn tokens prior to the token sale by completing tasks and inviting friends to

Partnership Announcements

Timeline: Q1 2018

Description: We have very exciting initial partnerships to announce with leading platforms in the professional industry, which span tens of millions of users. As we finalize our core partnerships we will share them with you all shortly. Expect big announcements in Q1, and many more to come throughout 2018.

Token Sale

Timeline: Q1 2018

Description: The most common question we’ve received is if we are having a token sale. The answer is yes, and it will take place in Q1. We are heads down developing tech and working on hitting milestones as a first priority. We will have a formal announcement in January regarding exact dates and terms of the token sale.

Tokens Become Transferrable & Usable in the Network

Timeline: Token Sale Conclusion

Description: Following the completion of our token sale, DOCK tokens will be transferable and usable in our voting app. Token holders can introduce new proposals and vote on the future development roadmap of the protocol and app. Partner Integration

Timeline: Early Q2 2018

Description: is one of the first partners, and with over 2.5 million users, we are excited to deploy the first partner integration with the app. Users will be able to update information on and automatically sync those updates with Users will also be able to instantly import information from the dock app to, providing seamless connectivity between each app.

Additional Partner Integrations

Timeline: Q2 2018

Description: Following the successful integration of and the app, we will onboard additional partners in Q2 of 2018. As we integrate additional partners, data becomes connected and transferable between a number of sources.

Network Data Exchange

Timeline: Q1 2019

Description: This phase will open up the ecosystem to developers as well as process data saved through the protocol. Applications will be able to exchange data via DOCK tokens with encrypted packages over the IPFS network.

Definitions and Disclosures

Initial completions are alpha releases and will change and evolve as the space matures and contributor voting occurs. Alpha releases are defined as test stage code deployments which will progress through additional audits and revisions before reaching a final product. Timeline estimates are to the best of our knowledge and are subject to change.

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