The developers have been hard at work as we’ve recently shared through our second Development Update. Some highlights from the article is that we’ve included 2FA for, a gateway to facilitate that exchange of data, and removed the requirement of having a telegram to be verified. But that’s not all! has also been working hard on growing our professional network as well. In light of this, we are pleased to announce another partner to join our team: Breezy HR.

What is Breezy HR?

Breezy HR is an “end-to-end recruiting software to help companies attract & hire great employees with less effort.” Their ultimate goal is to increase a company’s effectiveness in hiring processes and to optimize their recruiting ROI. By enabling interoperability between LinkedIn, AngelList, Github, and more through their Google Chrome extension, they also make it easy to approach passive resumes through these networks.

Why Breezy HR?

As a recruiting platform, Breezy HR falls right in line with’s vision for creating a more connected professional world. They have a proven track record, as they were established back in 2014, and bring with them over 6,000 partnered companies and 15,000 connected jobs. They also boast many awards, including the Great User Experience 2017 Award by Finances Online which, speaks to the ease of use and intuitiveness of their platform. By partnering with another professional network platform, hopes to further facilitate information sharing in the professional industry.

How will the Partnership Work?

Here are some examples of how and Breezy HR will integrate their services:

  • Authentication: will serve as a login or authentication option when creating a new account within Breezy HR.
  • Import relevant data: users will be able to instantly import work history and experiences to Breezy HR — 1 Click Job Apply: users will be able to apply to jobs posted with Breezy HR with one click.
  • Update new information or work experiences: Breezy HR users will be able to transfer their experience and reputation to their account with the click of a button, allowing you to use this verified information in other apps in the ecosystem.

Learn More About Breezy HR: