As you may know, over 3,000 users a day have been signing up for our app which is very exciting. The more the network grows, the stronger and more vibrant it becomes. This can also be said for the number of partner platforms that will participate in the network. In light of this, we are pleased to announce the first of many partnerships we plan to share with the community: FundRequest.

What is FundRequest?

FundRequest is a decentralized marketplace for open source collaboration. This platform will help connect project creators and developers without relying on trusted third parties. By utilizing smart contracts, people/businesses can simultaneously request and fund projects that multiple developers can offer solutions to. Once the most suitable proposal is determined, the payments are released.

By removing the need for a third party interface, FundRequest removes services fees, reduces platform maintenance fees, and increases transparency in the open source project community. This system will empower developers as they receive more compensation for their work as well as the ability to flexibly choose projects as their main job or to supplement their income.

Why FundRequest?

We had a chance to meet two of the founders during their time in San Francisco for Token Summit. We were really impressed with Karel and Davy and wanted to learn more about what they were doing. The team and technology they are building is impressive and has the potential to revolutionize open source collaboration. is keen on aligning interest with strong teams with forward-thinking mentalities. FundRequest fit that criteria and their project is a great example of an ideal partnership to participate in our ecosystem.

How will the partnership work together?

This partnership has a lot of common use cases that will remain consistent on most of our partnerships. To highlight some specific examples:

  • Authentication: will serve as a login or authentication option when creating a new account within FundRequest.
  • Import your information: users will be able to instantly import work history and experiences. This will enable them to build instant reputation and increase their odds of getting new jobs within the FundRequest network.
  • Save new information or work experiences: any information about yourself can be saved from the FundRequest platform and ported to your account with the click of a button, allowing you to use this verified information in other apps in the ecosystem.
  • Build reputation and find work: FundRequest users will use the SkillsToken (a reputation system) as a source to validate their skills. Users can then use these tokens on other networks in the ecosystem to increase their odds of finding a job.

We are thrilled to work with the FundRequest team and expect to see this project thrive over the coming months and years. This partnership will help further strengthen the network and empower our community to become more successful.

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