has been growing exponentially over the past few months. We’ve been hard at work not only with development but also partnerships. To date, we’ve announced and FundRequest. Now we are excited to announce our next partner: investFeed.

What is investFeed?

investFeed is a social network platform for financial markets not just for the seasoned cryptotrader and investor, but for those who are new to the space as well. Their platform consists of a myriad of services that not only aggregate important market information but also incentivize and reward users for quality content. For example, they offer features that display trending cryptoassets, watchlist signals, and livestream channels for content creators.

Why investFeed?

As a social networking platform centered around blockchain technology, investFeed is an ideal candidate to work with They already have a working product with over 80 companies already integrated into their network. By partnering with investFeed, the network will immediately gain all the current and future companies that sign up for their platform. Alternatively, the protocol will offer them encrypted data security and portability which will also help investFeed be GDPR complaint.

How Will the Partnership Work?

Here are some examples of how and investFeed will integrate their services:

  • Authentication: will serve as a login or authentication option when creating a new account within investFeed.
  • Import relevant data: users will be able to instantly import work history and experiences to investFeed.
  • Update new information or work experiences: investFeed users will be able to transfer their professional data to their account with the click of a button, allowing you to use this verified information in other apps in the ecosystem.

Learn More about investFeed: