We are excited to share early growth metrics with the community!

  • The dock.io app(alpha) is growing by more than 3k new users a day
  • Our Telegram group is over 9.5k

Considering we have yet to announce our token sale, and the app we released is very much what we consider “alpha”, these metrics have exceeded our expectations and are a great indicator of potential of the network.

dock.io is a network of people, providing you one network to manage all of your information online and connect all of your apps to one source. The larger our user base grows the more powerful and valuable the network becomes to all.

As we grow we will see more and more platforms and apps eager to participate in the ecosystem, resulting in exponential growth of the network, and a more empowering solution for you to port your information and ultimately transfer your value online.

We’re thrilled with our early traction and excited to share more updates over the coming weeks. Thank you all for your early support — it’s very much appreciated.