We’re thrilled to announce the deployment of the dock.io alpha app! We are proud to get it out so early on in our development but since it is an alpha app, we will be pushing updates on a near daily basis moving forward.

This app will serve as a connector between networks and apps online, allowing different platforms to communicate, while you control how and where your information is used. Rather than being a competitor to LinkedIn, Upwork, and other platforms, dock.io is designed to work with them, allowing users to manage data between all the platforms they use.

A few common uses of the dock.io app:

  1. Login with dock.io / Automate onboarding

While common login solutions like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn exist, each of these solutions only allow you to import minimal information between one another. In other words, it’s treated as a login, when it could be much more. This is because each platform restricts how and where you can use your data.

With dock.io, you’ll be able to instantly import any type of information you’d like between apps or platforms within the dock.io network. Whether you need to import general profile information, reviews or reputations, or components of your network, this can all be managed with one login through dock.io.

2) Keep your information up to date everywhere

When is the last time you updated your profiles on sites across the internet — LinkedIn, Quora, AngelList, Indeed, Glassdoor, Remote.com and more? Better yet, when is the last time you checked what apps you have connected to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Google logins?

If you’re like most people, your information is living on dozens of different apps, many of which you likely haven’t logged into in years. Recruiters and professionals are finding these dated profiles online. Or worse, they aren’t as your information is fragmented and out of date everywhere across the internet.

dock.io gives you one place to manage all of your platforms, ensure your information is current everywhere, and helps you remove information from sites you no longer want to be affiliated with.

3) Apply to jobs with your dock.io account

Have you job hunted recently? If not, lucky you. It’s a painful process sending PDF resumes and completing application after application. The dock.io app will allow a one click process to apply to jobs on websites and apps in the network. We have an exciting partnership to announce in the coming weeks for this use case.

As the network and our partner ecosystem grows there will be many more use cases for connecting your apps and network.

Early access:

When you sign up through with dock.io, you’ll notice a section called “earn” on the left side of the app. Here you’ll find various ways for you to earn DOCK tokens before the token sale. As an early adopter and contributor of dock.io, we wanted to give you early access to our Earn program. You can learn more about it here.

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