The Dock wallet & credential issuing platform are now Verifiable - A place for organizations to issue digital credentials and a digital wallet for individuals to store & share them.

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We're thrilled to share a big product release and update on the exciting future of Dock. It has been and continues to be our mission to empower individuals to take control of their data and today’s product release goes a long way to eliminate friction, control, and verification constraints.

Today we introduce updates in our efforts to empower Individuals and Organizations to take control of digital credentials.


We're introducing a universal wallet to store, share and verify digital credentials to empower your career and life. A credential can be your ID, background check, proof of education or work, certificates, badges and more.

Current processes for accessing copies of your personal records are fragmented, manual and take days or weeks. Verifying these records can be even more cumbersome. We want to give you a digital home to securely store your records and access on-demand as needed to improve your life and make you more successful.

Today you can begin storing a few types of digital records - Background Checks, Education Records, Certificates & Badges. We will soon add support for more types of records and would love for you to share your requests and feedback with us.

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We're introducing a best of breed platform to issue and manage digital records on blockchain. Records can be digital certificates, badges, credentials and more and we are using bleeding-edge technologies to streamline efficiencies, create maximum authenticity, universal verification, and optimal sharing to grow your programs.

Associations, universities, governments and intra-company accreditations are all great candidates for the platform and we are already speaking to dozens of these organizations. If you’re interested in creating seamless, forward compliant, and cost-effective, 360 issuing and management processes that empowers your customers, please reach out!

Check out the updated site

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We are fully committed to the IMS Open Badges specifications for both verified and un-verified records. Our goal is to enable a high degree of interoperability. We are committed to driving decentralized solution components and are already providing Ethereum-backed anchoring of verification data. Current development and evaluation is underway for more comprehensive decentralized solution approaches for both issuing and revocation. Lastly, we are working on an optional staking solution for traditionally unverifiable records.

Follow our updates here. Many exciting things to come!

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