The team has been busy working on some great things. Next week will be the first of our biweekly development updates which will include all project development updates and sprint deployments. Below is a summary of some of the key updates since our token sale concluded just over two weeks ago.


The dock app continues to grow and is on track to reach 200,000 registered users by the end of this week, which was launched just over 2 months ago. This is incredible growth and very motivating to the team.

We’re Hiring!

We have roles open across engineering, product, design and operations. If you are a master of your craft and like ambitious challenges and fast-paced environments, we would love to hear from you! You can view our jobs on our careers page, or apply on AngelList. Current available positions include Full-Stack Marketer, Operations Manager, and Blockchain Engineer.


During our token sale process we built many tools that enabled us to run a successful process. These solutions took quite a bit of work to build in some cases and we decided to open source the code to hopefully help other projects in their process. Visit our Github and find:

  • DOCK token smart contract
  • Whitelist backend service built in Python
  • Token sale web app built in React

More coming soon!

Choose When Tokens Become Transferable

We’re very excited to share an exciting update. In the spirit of decentralization and empowering individuals, the team has decided that DOCK token holders should choose when DOCK tokens become transferable.

If you participated in the token sale, get ready to use your tokens to make the first of many important votes! Early next week you will have the opportunity to vote with your DOCK on when tokens become transferable.


Airdrops and bounties will be distributed 7 days after our tokens become transferable.

  • $100k Airdrop (general) — 17,380 people approved. A final check will be applied the day prior to distribution to ensure people are still in Telegram. Anyone no longer in Telegram will be removed from the list.
  • $100k Whitelist Airdrop — This airdrop is for the people on the whitelist who weren’t able to participate in the token sale. There were 8,181 participants who confirmed. You will receive an email soon if you are on this list.
  • Bounties — $22,060 earned on Bitcointalk and $14,861 earned on Twitter.

Discord Channel

Last but not least, we created a new Discord Channel for! Although telegram has been a great platform for us, we hope to foster higher level discussions about the protocol on Discord. So come join us and hang out if you want to learn more!

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