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"We'll need to run a background check first, and if it comes back clear you'll be all set!"

If this phrase has ever caused a wave of anxiety for you, you are not alone. Submitting to a background check for employment, while house hunting or when applying for an apartment is a common occurrence and often decides if you're successful in accomplishing important life goals.

Unfortunately the process of taking personal information about you from databases you've never seen and putting it all into a report creates a lack of transparency that can be nerve wracking.

You often don't see what's on your background check unless there is an issue, and the methods used for compiling reports can produce errors that are not your fault.

Even if you've got a clean record, an error on your criminal background check can cast a shadow over the progress you've made, and filing a dispute afterwards can create delays that may cause your application to be unsuccessful.

All of this creates an experience that is at best annoying, and at worst something that can stand in the way of landing a dream job.

Making Background Checks Empowering

The issues and pain points around background checks has led the team at Dock to develop a solution that makes any process involving them easier and less stressful by providing on-demand, personal background checks.

As technology makes these personal background checks easier and cheaper to provide, the practice of preemptively ordering one is becoming more common, and with good reason.

Running a background check on yourself enables you to see what a potential employer or other decision maker will see, and ensures there aren't any surprises that prevent you from being successful.

If there is information that casts you in a negative light, knowing about it beforehand allows you to dispute it in the case it's inaccurate, or to provide context up front to give yourself the best chance possible in your quest for that dream job or home.

Additionally, having access to your personal background check may help you skip an entire part of the application process. You can share your background check with whomever is requesting it, saving them time and money while giving you an advantage over other applicants, a definite win-win!

As a company that prides itself on giving people control over their information and credentials, Dock offers a solution to empower yourself with the benefits of a personal background check.

Get started today and order a background check through Dock.

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