As the month of August ends we are excited to share significant updates about the Dock Network and our progress towards enabling an internet of trust through verifiable digital credentials.

Lately, Dock's core team has been focused on building the modules that will make production of verifiable digital records & credentials possible at scale. Our priority has been completing the milestones outlined in our grant from the Web3 Foundation as these form the basis of our decentralized credential production system.

As the Dock Network's ecosystem begins to take shape we remain committed to open sourcing our work, continuing our transition to fully decentralized governance, and increasing transparency into the core teams activity.

Highlights for the month of August:

Dock awarded Web 3 Foundation grant

The entire Dock team was honored to be named as a recipient in Wave 3 of the Web3 Foundations grant program. The grant received by Dock is in the "technical" category, and is further defined as being an..."Application specific parachain with a good product story".

Currently, the core dev team is heads down and working hard to complete the milestones contained in the grant. These three milestones are:

  • Integration of Substrate core modules into the Proof-of-Authority base chain - forming the backbone of the Dock Network's blockchain & digital record production ecosystem.
  • Completion of Job Scheduler runtime module: Phase 1 - providing the workflow for issuing.
  • Completion of Claims Issuing Engine: Phase 1 - the actual issuance and anchoring solution.

New pair listing on Binance

We are very excited to share that Binance has released an additional trading pair for Dock. With the release of the DOCK/USDT pairing on August 27th, any of the over 12 million registered Binance users are now able to trade Dock against the U.S. dollar pegged stablecoin, USDT, on their platform.

The continued support from Binance for our project means a great deal, and this announcement comes at a time when the Dock Network is making substantial forward progress.

Community activity

With the recent increase in engagement from the Dock community we want to make sure and keep our momentum going. Recently, we wrapped up a sticker contest that included more than 20 unique entries voted on by everyone through our forum. The winning stickers do a great job summing up the Dock mission in a colorful and creative way, so make sure to check them out!

We also have a new community initiative coming soon that is focused on raising awareness about Dock's mission to empower an internet of trust through verifiable digital credentials. As our technical progress picks up we want to focus on communicating the what and why of the solution we're building - not only because we're creating brand new, cutting edge tech but to also ensure the Dock Network's final, decentralized form is successful.

As with our sticker contest there will be rewards for those who participate in the new and upcoming initiatives. You'll want to make sure and follow our twitter (@DockNetwork) so you don't miss the announcement when this event goes live.

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