Become a Dock Captain and Earn Rewards | Dock Ambassador Program

Excited to announce our Ambassador Program where active and passionate individuals can help to further increase the awareness and market positioning of Dock.

Dock has a mission to enable organizations and individuals to create and share verifiable data, and are looking for help to grow their presence. If you are interested in joining the team and becoming a Dock Captain, sign up here.

Can I be a Dock Captain?

Anyone can be a Dock Captain (as long as they pass KYC!) but here are some things that may help ace it!

  • Being an active member in the crypto space.
  • Knowing and understanding Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identity.
  • Being an active and engaged member of the Dock community.
  • Having experience in a past ambassador program or something similar.

Why become a Dock Captain? For the rewards!

Help secure the Dock network and increase brand awareness. Ambassadors can contribute as much or as little (within reason!) of their time as they wish. There are various tasks an ambassador can complete from writing social media posts to establishing and running different language communities. Some of the rewards Dock Captains can expect to see:

  • Get paid in DOCK tokens
  • Expect to see your social media following soar
  • Helping secure the Dock network
  • Becoming a part of the fast-growing Dock team and community
  • Creative freedom to write and create images that highlight Dock

The more an ambassador does and the more engagement their content receives, the more they will be paid!

What does a Dock Captain do?

As mentioned above, ambassadors can contribute as much or as little time as they wish. For each task completed, a reward will be given. Dock Captains can contribute by:

  • Writing content of their own that highlights Dock
  • Translating Dock’s existing content into their local language
  • Create high-quality videos
  • Establish and run different language communities
  • Host meetups, online events, AMAs, even Hackathons
  • Continuously post on social media

Sign up and become a Dock Captain

Join the Dock team as Captain by submitting this form. After passing KYC, it’s smooth sailing from there. You’ll have full creative freedom to write content, create engaging images, post on behalf of Dock on social media, and more!

You’ll have access to a private discord chat with other ambassadors and the Dock team to network and bounce ideas, brand guidelines, and a range of images to use from the get-go.

About Dock

Dock is a platform designed to provide a simple solution for businesses and developers to build, manage and present digital credentials that are instantly verifiable using blockchain technology. The Dock utility token (DOCK) plays a key role in aligning incentives across all of the Dock network’s participants including issuers, validators, token holders, and the Dock Association, and ensures collaboration and growth. Find out more here.

For more information, contact the Dock team at

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