Dock is excited to announce the launch of the Ambassador Program where community members can earn rewards and help Dock grow.

To further increase the awareness of Dock, we are welcoming active and passionate community members to participate in Dock’s Ambassador Program. Members of the program will contribute to the project’s success by executing various tasks that will help grow the community as well as increase brand awareness.

Playing an important role in expanding the community, Dock’s Ambassadors will have a good understanding of token based ecosystems and be able to articulate Dock’s upcoming milestones, partnerships and achievements to a wider audience.

Head to our website to find out more on Dock’s mission and the problems we solve.

Successful Applicants

Successful applicants will be required to go through KYC to prove their identity before becoming an official ambassador. We want knowledgeable individuals who are able to produce educational content, drive social media engagement, and promote Dock to other like-minded communities.

As an ambassador, there are many ways you can help Dock and we are looking for a diverse range of skills. Successful candidates will promote Dock’s own content via video or written pieces, as well as venture to create/design their own promotional materials. This can be done by creating virtual stickers, and banner images that adhere to Dock’s brand guidelines, creating blogs, infographics, posts, or videos to showcase Dock in a positive way. We want Ambassadors to amplify Dock’s events and announcements.

You can establish and run different language communities, host meet-ups, online events, AMAs, or even mini hackathons. The list is endless. See details in the chart below of the rewards up for grabs.

Ambassador Rewards

Create your own content

Marketing material must meet prerequisites outlined by the Core Team prior to commencing any work 


High quality video*

The video must showcase Dock in a positive way, and be at least 1 minute long.

30 USD

Translate blog post**

You must translate the content yourself and ensure the content reflects natural language.

25 USD

Social media post***

Publish 1 post about the Dock Network, retweets must be done within 24 hours of the original tweet.


*The video should showcase Dock in a positive way, be respectful, and provide factually correct, educational or interesting content, and should include specific links to relevant Dock content.

**The translation must be fluent and factually correct. Translations that are just copied and pasted from Google Translate or similar apps will not be accepted (any attempts to use Google Translate will result in your dismissal from the Ambassador Program).

***Posts must be on a publicly accessible social media site or crypto forum, such as Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Must have a MINIMUM of 250 Followers (no bots) in order to be eligible for this bounty. Tweets must contain relevant #blockchain and #crypto #hashtags. Search for the top hashtags relevant to your post and use them appropriately to expand your outreach, include #DOCK and $DOCK but also include as many others as possible to maximize your impact. Retweets must include original input/content (including hashtags) in order to be eligible for rewards. Simply Retweeting a Dock post will not be rewarded as original content. Your Tweet or post must showcase Dock in a positive way, be respectful, and provide factually correct, educational or interesting content.

Pay Day

In return for helping grow the Dock community and increase brand awareness, you will receive the above rewards (in DOCK tokens) quarterly. Rewards will be calculated according to your output of content within the last 3 months, and paid to you approximately a week after the 3 months is over.

Digital Assets to get you started

If you are successful and become an ambassador, you will be connected directly with the project via an Ambassador only private Discord channel. Here you can connect and bounce promotional ideas off all Dock Ambassadors, as well as with the Dock team.

You will be given access to digital assets including banners, logos, and other designs which you can use to get started. These assets can be used within blog posts, on social media, in crypto chats, and more.

Sign-up and Become an Ambassador

Ready to sign-up? Fill out the application form and we’ll get back to you ASAP. As mentioned above, all successful applicants will go through an automated KYC process and have the chance to ask any pressing questions on a call with a member of the Dock team.