Dock is excited to announce a partnership with credentialing platform Xertify.

Dock and Xertify share a mission to bring innovative credentialing solutions to organizations using blockchain technology. Xertify provides a full-service platform for organizations such as universities and government agencies to issue and manage credentials for their recipients. Xertify will be integrating with Dock’s blockchain infrastructure and tools to facilitate issuance of their credentials. By partnering with Dock, Xertify ensures that credentials they issue are W3C-compliant, universally verifiable, and cryptographically secured.

Xertify has significant traction with clients in various industries including education, health, automotive, veterinary, and agriculture. In addition, Xertify is working on a solution for Covid vaccine credentials to be deployed in Colombia and Mexico. In Colombia, the team has launched an initiative called Mi Vacuna Digital, which enables issuance of credentials that can be used to instantly verify the holder’s vaccination status. These certificates, which can be issued by the medical professionals who administer the vaccine or by Xertify, are portable, can be offered in multiple languages, and keep the holder’s personal information private and secure.

In their Mexican initiative, Xertify is seeking to help revitalize the pandemic-hit tourism sector in the city of Querétaro by issuing digital “passports” that prove that the holder has been vaccinated against Covid-19. These credentials will make it fast and easy to verify tourists’ vaccination status, enabling the businesses to welcome tourists in a safe manner.

Once the integration with Dock is complete, Xertify will enable issuing credentials via the Dock network across their clientele.

Danny Suárez, CEO of Xertify, expressed, “Together with the Dock team we are bringing digital  empowerment to the people. We are building a transparent and decentralized system where the users are the real owners of their data thanks to the Verifiable Credentials technology.”

Nick Lambert, CEO of Dock, said about the partnership, “We’re really excited about this collaboration as Dock and Xertify offer very complementary solutions. Xertify makes it extremely easy for their customers to issue credentials while Dock’s blockchain infrastructure proves their legitimacy and ensures each claim is cryptographically verifiable”.

About Xertify

Xertify aims to bring all institutions and companies in the world closer to the use of digital certificates and the Blockchain. This is done through a platform that automates credential issuance, a wallet that allows the documents to be carried to whoever receives them and a free and instant verification process for those who wish to verify these documents. By using digital certificates, the doors are opened to a new world of innovation, never-before-seen levels of productivity and an internationalization of those who handle these certificates.

About Dock

Dock is a platform designed to provide a simple solution for businesses and developers to build, manage and present digital credentials that are instantly verifiable using blockchain technology. With a standalone blockchain and integrated payment and incentivisation token, a trusted network of validators, and seamless adoption and interoperability, Dock is part of a movement to solve universal problems with existing data and how it is captured, shared and controlled.

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