Faster and less complex integrations

Since Dock’s mainnet launch last year and the completion of the token migration last month, Dock is now full steam ahead in growing adoption of the network. As part of this business outreach, we have developed relationships with a number of organizations and have started working on trials and proof of concepts with some of these entities. These collaborative efforts demonstrate how they can integrate with Dock and provide an insight into whether their Dock-based solution can meet their objectives, prior to producing a full commercial product.

While our open-source SDK provides access to the widest range of Dock’s features, and is supported by documentation and developer tutorials, it can be challenging to understand and implement without prior blockchain knowledge. While some of the teams we work with are comfortable developing with blockchain, others are quite unfamiliar with some of the technical concepts behind it, but still require access to its many benefits. In Dock’s case, partners are looking to access blockchain solutions for the creation of decentralized identities and the issuance and management of verifiable credentials.

Flattening the curve

These development teams can of course spend time learning new concepts, but learning curves can be a barrier to adoption whereas fast and less complex integrations are certainly preferred by organizations. For these reasons, Dock is going to be making some of the network’s features available via an API, which is in effect a HTTP wrapper of our SDK. The API will initially be available in JavaScript and developers will be able to generate their own API keys via our website. Furthermore, the API removes the requirement for Dock tokens to process network transactions, and payment for API usage will be made in fiat. The API will be made available in the next few weeks for trials and tiered price plans will be available at a later date once further refinements and improvements have been made.

If you’re interested in our API or working with our team on a trial, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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