Dock’s token migration commenced on the 8th of Dec and to date over 76M DOCK have been migrated through our portal so far. To incentivize holders to migrate, we offered a bonus to those who migrated within the first 4 weeks of the migration start, a total of 50M DOCK were set aside by the Dock Association for this purpose. You can read more about the incentives here.

While it is possible for holders to migrate directly with Dock, some of the community prefer to migrate via exchanges who have been working to enable trading and withdrawals of the new token. In the interests of providing more time for that work to complete, and to ensure that as many of the community as possible can migrate and receive the incentives, we have decided to extend the incentivization period to midnight (GMT) on the 11th of January. This represents a one week extension. All other migrations dates and timings remain the same.

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