I want to start by thanking everyone in the community who has been active and engaging since we announced the project. Response has been overwhelmingly positive and the entire dock.io team is very appreciative.

With that said we are happy to announce the DOCK token sale!

Token sale date: February 21st
Whitelist date: opens Feb 8th (KYC required)

Token Sale Summary
The DOCK token fuels the dock.io protocol ecosystem. For more specifics on how the token works, please read our Whitepaper.

Token Raise, Supply and Distribution

Hard Cap: $20 M USD (includes the private pre-sale and public sale). Pegged to USD.
Token Price: $0.07
Total Supply: 1 Billion tokens

  • 30% (300M) sold to the public through a private and public sale
  • 30% (300M) incentivize partnerships and ecosystem growth
  • 20% (200M) team members, which will be subject to 2 year vesting for long-term growth
  • 10% (100M) retained for future use and locked for 2 years to ensure we manage the project efficiently
  • 6% (60M) for equity investors in the project
  • 4% (40M) our incredibly helpful advisors, who also vest with team members over 2 years to show long-term commitment to the project

Individual Cap: the public sale will have an individual max cap on participation, which allows more people to be involved. The cap amount will be set after we complete KYC on participants.

Private Pre-sale
We had a private presale which allowed us to bring in strong institutional investors who have been directly involved in some of the most successful crypto projects to date. Minimum investment was $200k, and all presale investors received the same terms: 40% bonus, and 50% of all tokens locked for a 4 month period. Only value add investors were selected to participate and demand was very high.

Use of funds

We plan to use funds in the following manner:

  • 60% Research and Development
  • 25% Marketing, Sales, Biz Dev
  • 10% Operations
  • 5% Legal, Compliance, Governance

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