A new proposal has been submitted to adjust the staking rewards emissions on the Dock network to a 50/50 split with 50% of emission rewards going to validators and stakers, and 50% going to the Dock Treasury.

This would increase the amount of staking rewards to validators and stakers who participate in securing the Dock network, who are currently receiving 40% of rewards and reduce the Treasury’s allocation from 60%. The initial division of staking rewards was based on Polkadot’s reward split, but we feel that adjusting to a 50/50 split is a better fit to align incentives across the network, increasing the rewards to validators while adequately funding the Dock Treasury to develop and operate the network.

This proposal is live on the Dock Network and can be viewed in the Governance portal here: ​​https://fe.dock.io/#/democracy. All Dock token holders can vote to influence the outcome of this proposal and should participate in determining this important change to the network.

How to vote

  1. Go to the Governance portal where you will see the Referendum. Click Vote on the proposed Referendum.

2.  Select which account you want to use to submit the vote and click  Aye or Nay. Select a Conviction amount which lets you choose to lock-up tokens in order to put more weight behind your vote. You can also chose to not lock-up your tokens as part of the vote.

Once the voting period ends as shown in the Governance portal, if the referendum passes, then it will move to be executed by the Association Council. Otherwise, the rewards split will remain as it currently is with a 60/40 split.
For assistance with voting on the referendum, please refer to the documentation or contact our team at support@dock.io.

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