How Verifiable Credentials can transform your business

Dock’s API allows you to easily issue, verify, manage, and revoke verifiable credentials and decentralized identities. PDF certifications can be easily forged meaning online diplomas and certifications are becoming less valuable. Dock has built a decentralized network on which organizations can create their own identities, and use these identities to issue credentials that can be cryptographically verified.

This approach removes the manual verification steps from the process of issuing and handling non-verifiable credentials and saves an organization heaps of time. Verifiable Credentials also stop any fraudulent activity and ensure all credentials on a digital wallet are genuine.

With hundreds of organizations offering online courses, businesses must work to set themselves apart from the competition. Verifiable Credentials allow LMS organizations to produce unique certifications tailored to each individual and stop any fraudulent activity. Millions of people sign up for online courses daily. With most free online courses, everyone, whether they’ve attended or not, receives a certificate verifying they have completed the course. According to a study carried out by The Atlantic, two-thirds of people who sign up to take an online course do not show up. For others who don’t sign up but want to claim the accomplishments, the PDF certificate can easily be copied and imitators can fake their accomplishments. With this, online diplomas and certificates have lost their credibility.

Bring back the quality of your online courses by integrating with Dock’s API and issue unique Verifiable Credentials, which can be instantly issued and verified.

The current process; pitfalls and improvements

A candidate signs up and completes an online course, or they sign up and do not attend.

  • Once the course has finished, they receive a PDF certificate which can be shared on social platforms such as LinkedIn, and be sent as an email attachment to a workplace or to whom it concerns.
An impersonator can recreate this PDF documentation and fake the credentials. A person who signed up and did not turn up can still gain this credential when it was not earned.
  • The credentials of this certificate sit with the issuing body, being your company. To verify the authenticity of the documentation, the verifier must contact the issuing body and certify a person’s completion of the online course.
The process of finding contact information for the issuing body, reaching out to verify the accreditation, and waiting for a response can take weeks and months to do.

With Dock’s API, an organization can create a decentralized identity and use these identities to issue credentials. The certification is held within the recipient's digital wallet and can be conveniently shared with whomever they desire. The verifier, recruiter, or employer can view these credentials and certify their authenticity. This process of issuing and verifying a digital credential is instant and saves organizations heaps of time. It also ensures the certifications held on one’s digital wallet are all genuine.

Issuing Verifiable Credentials via Dock’s API will increase attendance rates and make your course more premium. Market your online course as elite with unique Verifiable Credentials which cannot be impersonated.

Take your business into the future

Whether you’re an organization that offers free online courses and are looking to go more premium, or if you charge for your online course and want to differentiate yourself from the competition, Dock’s API will take you to that next step.

Book a free consultation with our experts and we’ll get you set up in no time.

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