The period to vote on Dock’s first on-chain governance proposal to update the emission rewards split has officially concluded, with a resounding approval by token holders. This marks an exciting evolution for the Dock network, with the community participating for the first time in a successful vote to make a significant change to the Dock network.

The Dock community was presented with a proposal by the Dock Association to adjust the split of network staking rewards between validators and the Dock treasury. Prior to the vote, the split was 60% to the treasury and 40% to validators and stakers, originally modeled based on the rewards split on the Polkadot network. The recently approved proposal adjusts this split to an even 50/50 between the treasury and validators, thus increasing rewards to validators and their stakers.

The results of the vote can be viewed on the Subscan Explorer and this change has automatically taken immediate effect on-chain. We appreciate the community’s participation and look forward to future collaborations on governance for the Dock network.

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