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Trial Dock Certs here and create, issue, and verify verifiable credentials without writing a single line of code. Dock Certs is the perfect tool for organizations that want to benefit from verifiable credentials without having to worry about integrating or changing current workflows. All data can be easily downloaded in various ways or can be kept in the safe platform of Dock Certs.

Dock Certs is an alpha release and we encourage users to trial the platform and feedback on the product, let us know what they like, what they don’t like as well as describe any future feature requests they’d like to see.

What are Verifiable Credentials?

Starting with the basics, Verifiable Credentials are an open standard for digital credentials. They can represent information found in physical form, such as a passport, license, or graduation certificate, as well as things that have no physical equivalent, such as ownership of an NFT.

Why Do We Need It?

The average professional presents 10 certificates to a job site. A qualified doctor, practitioner, or professional worker must present a copy of a physical certificate to a business in order to work. Today, the holders of the credentials must keep these qualification papers in order and up-to-date while the organization is left to manually verify the qualifications. Issuing, printing, and delivering these paper or PDF certificates can take weeks and months and the verifying process can take just as long to complete. There are many notable problems with paper or PDF certificates:

  • Paper certificates and PDF credentials can be easy to tamper with creating fake credentials. This makes verifying the credentials difficult for an organization and undermines the trust in the training and educational body that issues the credentials.
  • If the verifying process by the employer is not done correctly, fraudulent certificates and compliance documents can go unnoticed, therefore putting the worker at risk and the organization at fault.
  • Paper certificates can be lost or damaged.

The Use of Dock Certs

Dock Certs mitigates the risk of these incidents occurring, allowing users to create, issue, and share verifiable credentials and decentralized identities without writing a single line of code.

Users can sign up to Dock Certs and begin creating verifiable credentials and decentralized identities in a few simple clicks. Organizations can benefit from the functionality of Dock’s technology without requiring any coding or development work.

After creating the credential, organizations can issue these to the holder via a link in an email or by sending a PDF/digital certificate. Another option of issuing is to send the credential via a JSON file that the holder can store in their credential wallet. These verifiable credentials are different from their non-verifiable counterparts as they can be instantly verified using cryptographic methods. This leaves no room for fraudulent activity, making it easier for the job site to verify credentials and maintain the reputation of the training/education body.

The organization can store all credentials they’ve created and issued on Dock Certs. Alternatively, if the business wants to take ownership of the credentials, they can be saved via a PDF download or a JSON file.

Dock’s API for Organizations Who Have the Time

For those organizations that have in-house developers and want a more custom look and feel to the credentials they issue, Dock’s API can be integrated with current workflows. Developers can create and issue verifiable credentials that sit on the holder's device and have the option to create a decentralized identity on the blockchain which is anchored to the verifiable credential.

Even if the organization ceases to exist, the credential and decentralized identity still exist and can be instantly verified.

Verifiable credentials via Dock’s API and Dock Certs are almost impossible to tamper with allowing any third party to easily verify credentials.

More to Come

Dock Certs is the perfect tool for organizations that want to benefit from verifiable credentials without the need for coding and development. Trial Dock Certs today.

We have more updates launching in the coming weeks, keep an eye out for the release of Dock’s credentialing wallet and verifier tool, making it easy to store and verify credentials.

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