Watch Dock’s first webinar as Nick Lambert and Grant Thomas discuss in detail:

  • Credenxia’s need to move towards a decentralized solution
  • Why they chose to collaborate with Dock
  • The ease of integrating Dock’s technology into their workflows
  • Dock’s latest releases and future roadmap

Back in October of 2021, Credenxia worked with Dock to move towards a decentralized solution for creating and managing employee credentials. This move towards a decentralized solution was needed to keep Credenxia competitive and relevant to workplace needs.  

After some time of Credenxia integrating with Dock’s technology, we decided to host a webinar to provide details of this collaboration and give real-world insight into the benefits of decentralization.

Nick Lambert, CEO at Dock was joined by guest speaker Grant Thomas, COO at Credenxia in February 2022 to discuss how the collaboration formed, how Dock’s technology has future-proofed Credenxia’s organization, and more.

Previously, Credenxia provided a centralized solution with verification through their cloud-based portal. Thanks to Dock’s technology, Credenxia now offers a decentralized solution that gives the control over data and identity back to the user and allows for instant verification of credentials.

Nick Lambert opens the webinar by explaining the basic concepts of Verifiable Credentials (VC) and Decentralized Identity (DID). Decentralized Identifiers are globally unique identifiers that allow the owner to prove cryptographic control over them. Anything from a person, organization, to data models or abstract entities, can have DIDs. Verifiable Credentials are an open standard for digital credentials, they are tamper-proof credentials that can be cryptographically verified. They represent things found in physical forms such as a driving license or passport, and things that have no physical form such as ownership of a bank account. VCs incorporate digital signatures that make them tamper-resistant and more trustworthy than their physical counterparts.

He goes on to explain why individuals and organizations should care and want to benefit from the use of VCs and DIDs, from users being able to take back control over one's identity and data, to it being instantly verifiable.

Over to Credenxia

Grant Thomas follows on by giving the viewers a detailed brief on what Credenxia does, how the verification is done, and how organizations benefit from their services. Credenxia works with organizations in mining, oil and gas, public transportation, and construction to name a few, acting as a third-party verifier.  

Credentials are checked for each worker depending on the environment they are working within. Everything from an individual's degree, trade certificates, and licenses are checked and verified by Credenxia, on behalf of the organization the individual is working for. Dock’s technology allowing for the creation and issuance of tamper-proof verifiable credentials has streamlined this process where the credentials can be instantly and cryptographically verified.

Nick Lambert and Grant Thomas go on to explain the process of Credenxia integrating Dock’s technology and the tremendous benefits of Dock’s blockchain and Dock Certs API. Grant goes into detail on the challenges Credenxia faced from the downsides of running on a trust model to the manual verification required. Dock’s Certs API allows Credenxia to mitigate these challenges. Dock’s W3C compliance and wealth of knowledge facilitating interoperability with other open source technologies gave Credenxia trust in the technology.

Drawing to the end of the webinar, Nick Lambert highlights Dock Certs, our no-code solution for creating, issuing, and verifying credentials. He outlines Dock’s future roadmap and what our community can expect to see in the next month before closing off. If you’d like to find out more about the collaboration with Credenxia and the value Dock’s technology can bring to your organization, watch the webinar here.

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