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At Dock we aren't afraid to ask the tough questions, and with what we're building there have been plenty. It's become obvious to us that when people control their verified information, it empowers their lives for the better.

As we build a solution enabling exactly this, we need to answer the question, "What types of verified data are the most valuable?" to ensure Dock's product fully meets our user's needs.

This is why our 13th Voting Proposal is focused on verifying the types of data that you find valuable, and why your answer to this question is so important to us!

Our research has come up with 5 categories that represent valuable types of data. The following list is what we'd like you to choose from:

  1. Identity - Verifying your legal identity forms the "home base" that other verified information is associated with. It allows other people to know who's name is behind the data they're receiving and builds trust between parties.
  2. Employment History - This data is the record of what you've done in your professional life. The obvious benefit here is to job searching, but networking and advancing in your current position are also empowered by verifying this.
  3. Certifications - A broad category that revolves around 3rd parties acknowledging your mastery in a specific area. Verifying these may be more relevant for you depending on your type of career, especially if your job doesn't require a college degree. Developers, consultants, & those in the construction industry are a few examples.
  4. Education - Where you received a large amount of knowledge on a certain subject and one of the most falsified pieces of data on a resume. For potential employers, being able to trust this information during the hiring process will give you a leg up.
  5. Skills - The data that lets other people know what you're good at. The scope of this is varied, and can include verifying you're awesome at keeping bees, that you excel at building excel spreadsheets, or any other mastery you have in a specific area. Is also an alternative if you possess a proficiency but there is not an official certification for it.

We recognize that voting using the Dock token can be challenging the first time 'round. To help you with this we have guides in our help center, are providing live 1:1 walkthroughs via Telegram (just pm a mod), and have our support team on standby through!

Thanks for reading, we're excited to hear from our community about the types of verified data you find valuable!

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