Updated May 21, 2019 - This article is where the results and impact for closed Dock voting proposals will be shared. Starting with Proposal 12- everyone will be able to see the voting results and learn how Dock plans to utilize them.

Make sure you check back regularly as this post will be updated shortly after a voting proposal is closed.

Lastly, a huge Thank You to all of those who participated in voting. We appreciate your willingness to go through the process, and for providing us with valuable insight into what our supporters want from Dock.

Proposal 14 - Organizations Issuing Certificates through Dock

The goal of our 14th Voting Proposal was to answer the question:

What types of organizations would you like to issue digital certificates on Dock?

While the winning vote was "Training Programs", second place was taken by "Associations & Club Memberships". Both of these organization types make sense as potential users of our platform.

Utilizing the results

Dock recently brought on an advisor, Troy Markowitz, to assist us in scaling our sales and revenue. As we improve our ongoing strategy with Troy's help, the valuable feedback from this vote will be used in determining which industries/areas we focus sales efforts on for our credential issuing platform.

Proposal 13 - Valuable types of Verified Data

Voting Proposal 13 was focused on determining the types of verified data that you find the most valuable, and it almost ended in a tie! The two leading options were clearly Verified Employment History and Verified Certifications, with 47% and 53% of the votes respectively.

Utilizing the results

With the obvious popularity of both options mentioned above, we are prioritizing improvements of the Dock Wallet related to Employment History and Certifications.

We recently released the ability to add a Certification to the wallet regardless of geographic location.

We are also actively working on a platform for organizations to issue verified certifications and we're researching cost effective ways to provide individual verification for both Employment History and Certifications.

As any new improvements related to Proposal 13  are released they'll be posted right here, so be sure to check back soon!

Proposal 12 - Options for storing your personal information

We asked the question- "Where do you want to store your personal information for Dock?" for our 12th voting proposal, and the outcome was over 3 million token votes being cast. More than 80% of the votes went to a single option, giving us a clear winner...Google Drive!

Utilizing the results

We plan to incorporate the results from this proposal by providing Google Drive as an option for storing the personal information from your Dock account. This will allow you to store sensitive data in a location controlled by you, and personally control the access to it.

Additionally, we want to provide a more decentralized option than Google Drive, which is why we are still considering IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System) as another way to store your personal information.

Don't Forget...

We place a lot of importance on the results of our voting proposals, and for Dock supporters they represent an ideal way to impact what we're building. Please consider voting on Proposal 14 as it concerns what types of organizations you'd like to see using our platform. Thanks again!

For those of you that wanted to vote but weren't able to, we encourage you to utilize the resources we've made available. You can always hop in telegram and ping a mod for 1:1 help, email support@dock.io, or reference our voting center guides. We are also taking a good look at the current voting process and will be making improvements in the near future.

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