Response to the DOCK token sale continues to grow and we have become one of the largest and fastest growing token communities. We’re grateful for your support and excited for the future.

Below are full details on our KYC process and what to expect.

Only people who have successfully passed KYC will be able to contribute to the token sale on Feb 21st. If you are not KYC approved please do not attempt to participate or send funds anywhere related to the DOCK token sale.

KYC submissions open:
UTC time — Feb 8th @ 07:00 am

Closes — after the first 25,000 successful submissions

Where to access — we will share a URL on the domain. This official URL is the only place to apply for KYC access.

How will we notify you:

  • Telegram group — we will pin an official message when registration opens. Only trust pinned messages or admins of the group for maximum security.
  • Email — if you have created an account at or joined our newsletter you will be notified when the whitelist opens.

Response time — you will receive an email within 7 days notifying you of your status (approved/declined). Always confirm emails are received from the domain.

Checking KYC status — we will provide a form for you to check and confirm your status leading up to Feb 21st.

Security: your data is encrypted for security and privacy.

Minimum contribution per person — .01 ETH

Maximum contribution per person — will be determined after we complete the KYC process and will be announced prior to Feb 21st.

Excluded locations — our goal is to create an inclusive process for all. Unfortunately the following locations will not be able to participate in the public sale due to legal advisory.

  • China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
  • USA

Required information for KYC

  • Name
  • Telegram username
  • Email
  • Location/address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Ethereum address
  • Amount you plan to contribute
  • Government ID — passport, driver’s license, residence permit, ID card

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