2018 was an eventful year for Dock with a ton of activity packed into a 12-month period. Between launching the network, to our token sale and growing one of the largest communities and network of users in blockchain, there was never a dull moment.

Crypto markets experienced highs and lows which forced us to be efficient and stay lean. Our team remained focused and persisted through the ups and downs and we’re as excited as ever to kick off a new year of ambitious plans.

2018 Recap

What a year. Below are a few of the many highlights throughout the year but for a complete recap view our monthly updates.

  • Launched governance protocol on mainnet and have seen 39,147,828 votes cast to provide direction on decisions in the best interest of the community.
  • Launched the Dock App which acquired over 1 million registered users throughout the year making it one of the most popular apps in blockchain.
  • Grew a huge community of supporters (over 150k) across Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Concluded one of the most oversubscribed token sales of 2018 with over 10,000 unique participants while excluding a few of the largest nations due to regulatory concerns (US, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan).
  • Assembled an amazing team with some of the brightest technical and product minds in the industry.
  • Strong R&D iterations pushing the limits of DLT capabilities, including submitting a proposal to the Ethereum community for cost-effective scaling solution, Plasma Nano.
  • Deployed the Dock Gateway and public docs for partners to integrate with the network through API’s.
  • Partners went live - Remote.com, Indorse.io, Experty, SpringRole, Canya are a handful of the first wave.
  • We launched the Dock App Marketplace. The marketplace features partners and allows users to connect and port their data in a controlled environment, enabling streamlined web 3.0 experiences.
  • Launched a suite of apps to help users better control their online identities — Identity Scanner, Data Breach Finder, Find My Accounts.
  • POC and MVP data exchange completion. Technical here and general overview here.


2018 was a challenging year for teams with the volatility of crypto markets. Like most projects, we held a portion of our token sale proceeds in crypto as strong believers in the future of digital currencies and to support the ecosystem. The challenging market forced us to be lean and efficient. We cut our expenses while not impacting our progress to give us 20+ months of runway at current market prices. We are confident this will be more than enough to get the project to a strong position in which it will sustain itself moving forward.

Looking forward into 2019

We’re incredibly excited for what’s to come this year as our team, progress, partnerships and network all come together and we bring mass adoption to market. We’re hell-bent on helping people control their data and focused on the industry we have decades of combined experience in.

Throughout the year, you can expect Dock to continue to ship features to help individuals control their personal data as well as partner with companies in the job search, talent acquisition, and human resources industries. We have already kickstarted the development of cryptography solutions both complementing and augmenting our blockchain projects to tackle the verified data conundrum in a transformative fashion. Needless to say, we expect 2019 to be a big year and have exciting news to come.

Thank you for your continued support. The future is bright.

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