With this latest feature, credential issuers can now request specific data from holders if they’re missing information to issue a credential such as their last name, email, or date of birth. This functionality makes the issuing process more efficient while ensuring all of the necessary details are up to date before issuing a credential.

The issuer would request the missing information by simply sharing a QR code or link to the holder. The holder would then present the missing information from their Dock Wallet and once the issuer receives all of the information, the credential will automatically be sent afterwards.

Use Case Examples for the Request Data Feature

There are many instances where issuers would need to request missing data from holders to validate information associated with credentials. This ensures that the data is accurate and strengthens the overall credibility of the issued credentials.

University Transcripts

A university may want to issue digital transcripts to their graduates, but it might not have the most current contact details for each graduate. By using Dock Certs, the university can request the missing information directly from the alumni. Once they provide the needed details, the university can issue the credentials.

Professional Certifications

A professional certification board, such as one for engineers or medical professionals, may need to issue digital certification credentials to its members. However, if the board doesn't have the most recent details like the updated email, they can use Dock Certs to request this information. Once the members update their details, the digital certifications can be issued.

Event Management

For a large conference or event, the organizers may wish to issue digital attendance certificates or badges to attendees. If they lack certain details (like a correct email address or full name), they can request this information from attendees from Dock's platform. Once the attendee provides the missing information, their digital attendance certificate or badge can be automatically sent.

Request Data Process

Successo Academy provides an online course for people to learn about Content Marketing. They want to confirm the full name of participants that will be added on the credential and their preferred email address.

  1. Successo Academy uses Dock Certs to create a custom credential template and selects Add Manually. From here, they can choose which field is missing and request the information from the credential recipient. In this example, they request their full name and email in order to issue the course completion certificate.

2. Successo Academy can preview the message before sending it to the holder Anna Ly.

3. Anna receives the credential request in her email and scans the QR code with the Dock Wallet. She selects the DID she wants to use to submit the information. The QR code can only be scanned once. Anna fills in the missing information.

4. Once Successo Academy receives the information, the credential is automatically issued to Anna.

About Dock

Dock’s Verifiable Credential platform makes any data fraud-proof and instantly verifiable. It comprises the Certs API, the Certs no-code web app, an ID wallet and a dedicated blockchain. Using Dock, organizations reduce data verification costs while increasing the operational efficiency of verifying and issuing digital credentials. Individuals can fully control their data to access products and services more conveniently in a privacy-preserving way. Dock has been a leader in decentralized digital identity technology since 2017 and trusted by organizations in diverse sectors, including healthcare, finance, and education.

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