With business flourishing, the task list for the current marketing team (being 1 person!) grew tremendously. With that in mind, Dock went on a quest to find a talented Marketing Manager whose expertise revolved around the crypto market and a Head of Content who was well-versed in verifiable credentials and decentralized identities.

We’re pleased to announce a successful quest having hired Vikrant Mansera as Marketing Manager and Francisco Baptista as Head of Content.

Vikrant, nicknamed Viko, joined the Dock team around a month ago. He has spent the best of 5 years in the center of the crypto industry. In his earlier years, Viko worked as a Content Manager for one of India’s largest crypto exchanges, CoinDCX where all content and communications were under his supervision. He played a crucial role as part of CoinDCX and went on to partner with various crypto marketing agencies, crypto Youtubers, telegram channels, and even Twitter influencers.

Within a month of joining Dock, Viko has taken on an enormous amount of work managing the branding, community growth, and engagement of Dock. He is currently working on revising the brand style, renovating the website, optimizing social channels, and setting up marketing analytics. This means our community and visitors of Dock.io can expect to see a newly revamped, exciting website highlighting Dock’s mission and vision and futuristic images on our social media!

The second recruit to the Marketing team took place a short while after Viko joined. Francisco Baptista joined as our Head of Content going straight to work planning and creating a strategic marketing plan taking us into Q23 of 2022. Francisco previously worked as a Marketing Director in Tykn for over 3 years specializing in the decentralized identity space. In his spare time, Francisco keeps up his vlogging series focused around marketing which had reached more than 3 million organic views in its first year of launching. His prominent vlog led to an unexpected invitation to Portuguese Parliament, national TV and radio, and established many great relationships in the space.

As part of Dock, Francisco is currently working on the content strategy leading the way into Q2 with an aim to educate organizations on the verifiable credential and decentralized identity space. By extending his knowledge to potential partners and users of Dock’s technology, we aim to grow the usage of Dock Certs product portfolio and educate organizations on the benefits of decentralization.

With our new marketing hires, the Content Marketing Manager was glad to have the assistance tackling the task list. The final piece (for a short while) we’re looking for is a new Head of Business Development to join Dock’s tight-knit team. If you’re interested in learning more about this role, read the full job specification and apply here. To be the first to know about future roles within Dock, follow us on social media and keep an eye on our daily tweets.

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