The Dock network hit an incredible milestone this week as we reached 500,000 registered users in the Dock App just 4 months after launching, as projected in a previous post.

Development progress has been consistent and as usual the team delivered substantial results in a two-week sprint period. The past two weeks consisted of work on three projects, Token Distribution, Dock OAuth, and Onboarding Updates as well as App optimizations.

Airdrop Token Distribution

We completed the implementation of an internal microservice called tokenpool, which in conjunction with a smart contract is able to distribute tokens for airdrop. We are currently completing the distribution of all airdrop recipients, and will use this same service and contract to begin distributing tokens earned in the Dock App in the coming days App OAuth — Successful Staging Tests

We have successfully deployed and tested Dock OAuth with conjunction with our first partner on staging environment. We were able to authenticate users on using Dock OAuth. In the coming days we will be deploying Dock OAuth on our production environment and users on will be able to use it to log in.

Onboarding Updates

In response to feedback, we have improved our onboarding process for new users joining the Dock Network. New users are guided through a short tour to understand what they can do with the Dock App.

LinkedIn Connections/Contacts Import Fix

We provided a fix for an issue when importing your connections and contacts from the LinkedIn archive. Now after importing LinkedIn archive, users should be able to invite and connect with all their LinkedIn connections and contacts.

Referral Earning Schedule

As the Dock Network has grown to over 500k users, the 3rd stage of our referral earning schedule has gone into effect. This schedule rewards contributors referring others to the network. As the dock network doubles in size, the reward is halved. This encourages early contribution towards the growth of the network & improves the network effect.

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