Dock has launched key optimizations to the Dock app with work on furthering the implementation of GDPR and the Dock Gateway.

GDPR Data Portability via Export Tool

Learn about our commitment to protecting your data and GDPR on our new web page. Dock also launched an export tool so that you can easily access and export your data. GDPR is heavily aligned with our core focus at Dock, as our mission to is give people full control of their data online.

Dock Gateway — Successful Staging Tests

The Dock gateway was successfully deployed and tested on our staging environment. Because of the significant progress we made with the Dock Gateway we can now move on to the next stages of development and testing.

Improved User Experiences

Now new invited users are able to quickly setup an account when they accept an invite email. Removing unnecessary steps and automating experiences will reduce friction and retain more users.

Improved Profile Completion

We want to thank all of you who provided great feedback on profiles. In response, we have improved profile completion by not requiring education. Skill sets can go beyond education and we wish to highlight capabilities along with accomplishments.

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