Dock, in collaboration with Subscan, has launched a new explorer that reports on Dock network’s key data.

The explorer, which can be found here, allows Dock users and token holders to view the following:

  • Dock network’s key statistics (for example, number of finalized blocks, number of circulating tokens)
  • Details of the blocks, events, extrinsics, and transfers on the chain
  • Status and details of governance activities, such as proposals and referenda
  • Validator and top token holder account information

All of the above data are searchable by block number, extrinsic ID, or account.

Dock is excited to be partnering with Subscan, a leading provider of blockchain explorers in the Substrate ecosystem. More information about Subscan and its work can be found on their website, Twitter, and GitHub repository.

Our existing frontend tool,, will continue to be maintained and available for account management and participation in governance activities, including those associated with our upcoming Proof of Stake consensus.

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