One of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchanges confirms staking DOCK tokens is now available. Binance launches DOCK staking with up to 37.27% APY.

Launching a new high-yield DOCK staking activities, community members can stake DOCK tokens from 19th January 2022, at 12 pm UTC.

Token holders staking on Binance will play an important role in securing the network and Dock blockchain by helping select the active set of validators and share in the emission rewards that are paid out. So if you’ve already got your account set up, you can begin staking DOCK tokens on Binance’s simple and easy to use platform.

As well as being able to stake on crypto exchance, Binance, together we’re running 3 activities for token holders to increase their rewards, activity 2 and 3 are for a limited time only.

Activity 1:

Deposit and Stake DOCK for 10, 30, 60, or 90 days and enjoy up to 37.27% APY.

By locking a minimum of 10 DOCK tokens for 10 days, you could earn up to 10,000 DOCK, and by locking the tokens for 30 days, you could earn up to 200,000 DOCK. Find out more from Binance here.

Activity 2 ending 26th January 2022, 11:59pm UTC:

The first 1,000 users who spot-trade DOCK tokens and participate in 30/60/90 days of DOCK locked staking are eligible to each receive 400 DOCK.

Activity 3 ending 26th January 2022, 11:59pm UTC:

The first 500 users who participate in Locked Staking for the first time and subscribe to DOCK Staking during the promotion period are eligible to share in various rewards from 100 - 500 DOCK.

Terms and Conditions apply, see Binance for details.

AMA on Binance

Want to know more about Dock and it’s projects? We’re holding 3 AMAs on Binance’s Telegram Channels. Join the English, Turkish, or Chinese Telegram chat and ask us anything!

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