Staking rewards were allocated each era, but these rewards needed to be triggered in order to payout. This manual step required validators or stakers to initiate the rewards payout for each validator in each era. As soon as a validator or staker requests a payout for an era, all the stakers for that validator would receive the rewards into their accounts.

After liaising with our community and taking into account the feedback, we’ve made some changes to this process. Dock has now enabled these payments to take place automatically.

The New Process

Validators and stakers will no longer have to manually request a rewards payout. The payout will occur automatically after each era. Now validators can continue to produce blocks and validate blocks made by other validators without worrying about claiming the rewards after each era. Rewards will be paid to the winning validators and their stakers accounts after each era, automatically.

The automatic staking process also saves validators the cost of running the transactions to issue the payouts for each era. This cost will be covered by the Dock Association moving forward with funds from the Dock Treasury.

The only time the rewards payout after each era will not be automatic is when the validators commission is over 5%. If the validators commission is set to over 5%, the manual process as mentioned above will come into play. Only when the rewards payout is triggered, will the payout be made.

Start staking today and get the rewards paid to your account automatically. Read up on how to stake DOCK here.

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