Supporting developments that further the growth and adoption of the Dock network, developers are encouraged to apply for Dock’s grant program. Choose a task, submit an application to Dock, and receive a reward once the project is completed.

Dock’s mission is to solve universal problems with existing data solutions. The grant program aims to further the growth and adoption of the Dock network for decentralized identities and verifiable credentials. All applications will be reviewed by the Dock team and ones that fall within the guidelines and meet the objectives will be rewarded the grant to begin their project.

Grant Objectives

Projects that could receive a grant must fulfil one or more of the following objectives:

  • Development of innovative applications using Dock’s credentialing technology for specific use cases.
  • Designing ecosystem components to further usage and adoption.
  • Low-level infrastructure development.

The Dock team has provided a list of potential tasks that can be completed under the grant program. Developers are also welcome to pitch additional projects to the Dock team, as long as these projects aim to further the growth and adoption of the Dock network for decentralized identities and verifiable credentials.

Guidelines and Criteria

Projects submitted for evaluation must clearly demonstrate how it fulfils one or more of the grant objectives listed above. As well as meeting the above objectives, applicants must ensure the projects main aim fits the guidelines and criteria as follows:

  • Individuals and all team members must have proven experience in their field and have the skills required to complete the project.
  • On submission of the project, it should be well-defined and technically sound, listing milestones which you intend to reach in an agreed timeframe. The Dock team may choose to fund the project based on a series of milestones you set with specific deliverables.
  • All code produced on production, after receiving the grant, must be open-sourced. It must not rely on closed-source software for full functionality.

When completing the application, it’s essential to include every detail from team members, their skills and duties, to deliverables you expect to produce at each milestone and how you plan to achieve them. When evaluating your project, the Dock Association may contact you and the team for additional information and/or clarification.

Project Ideas

Applicants are welcome to apply to Dock’s grant program for any project that fulfils the objectives and meets the guidelines listed above. Applicants are encouraged to propose and develop their own project ideas, here are some task ideas we’d like to see developed:

Anonymous Credentials Applications
Build the application using our Typescript crypto package, SDK, and blockchain.

ICV/Auth0 Credential Authorisation Flow
Use the API to issue short-lived credentials that allow for a user to login to a system or authorize their identity.

Improve TS Package
Improve the TS package using the WASM Wrapper. See what you can do to improve and enhance the project.

Client Library
Provide client wrapper code for our Dock API in various languages.

Improve WASM Wrapper
Improve the WASM Wrapper here. See what you can do to improve the WASM project.

Documentation and Examples

Improve documentation that may be confusing or is lacking sufficient content. 

Application Process

After choosing a project, developers should complete the Grant Program Application. This form should be submitted to the Dock Association for review. As mentioned above, the team may contact you and your team for additional information and/or clarification.

After evaluation, the Dock Association will choose a number of projects they wish to see be produced. Select developers will be notified and presented with a grant agreement outlining the terms of the grant, the project scope, timeline and milestones.

Robin’s Work

A member of the Dock community, Robin Bortlik, has taken part in the Grant Program and built a Ruby Wrapper for Dock’s API. The Ruby Wrapper can be found here.

An API Wrapper provides a way to access the API through a particular programming language or interface, simplifying the process of interacting with it. All in all, the Wrapper helps streamline the steps of making API calls, and thanks to Robin’s contribution, Ruby developers will gain all the benefits of using Dock’s API.

Dock’s API allows you to issue, verify, and revoke verifiable credentials in a few simple clicks. By making data available via API, the faster and easier data migration ensures improved data quality review and cleanup.

Apply to Dock's Developer program here and help further the growth and adoption of the Dock Network.

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