After achieving many major milestones in 2021 including the Token migration, the release of Dock’s API, and launching Ledger Wallet support, the Dock team is proud and excited to make some new additions to the roadmap that will take us into 2022.

We will continue to strive to build innovative solutions, drive adoption, and engage with our community. Below, you’ll find high-level descriptions of the upcoming milestones.

Anonymous Credentials (Q4 2021)

We’re working on launching anonymous credentials and BBS+ Signatures to further protect our users' right to privacy. Currently, if an individual wishes to share an accreditation, they must share the entire credential. Anonymous credentials are an enhancement to privacy meaning individuals can select certain parts of a credential to share as well as prove information contained in the credential without exposing any of the information.

As an example, a credential holder will be able to prove their educational qualifications without the verifier knowing the date they attended and graduated from university. The credential holder will have complete control over the specifics of what data they wish to share.

Self-Serve Issuer Console (Q1 2022)

Dock is working on a Self-Serve Issuer Console which will allow any organization to issue credentials without having to write a single line of code. The console will enable organizations to issue and verify credentials, enabling rapid prototyping and pilots to prove the benefits of verifiable credentials without having to hire developers.

Digital credentials remove any risk of fraudulent activity; credentials are issued by an educational or training body, and these can be optionally anchored to the Dock blockchain which serves as a timestamp for the credential. By simply signing up with an email address in their internet browser, organizations can design and issue their verifiable credentials to their users via email.

V2 Dock Mobile App (Q1 2022)

We understand the trouble and delay verifying a person’s credentials can cause, and the worry for the individual of not having ownership of their credentials. We plan to release an additional feature to our Mobile App in Q1 of 2022 giving users the ability to store and manage digital credentials. Credential holders can take back control of their data as they receive verifiable credentials from issuers and have control over who sees them.

Dock will embed a verifiable credentials wallet into the existing Dock Mobile App allowing users to receive, store and manage their data. Please note that the first version of this wallet will be published in the app stores in the next couple of weeks.

Wallet SDK (Q1 2022)

Many SMEs and large organizations want to offer storage and functionality of digital credentials in their applications but don’t have the resources to make this happen. For organizations that want to offer digital credentials, the holders of these credentials often have to download a third-party app to store and manage their data. This disconnect means the user is working across multiple apps and managing their own data can become troublesome. Dock’s Wallet SDK can significantly improve the user experience by allowing organizations to embed an identity wallet into their own, existing React Native apps and can be deployed rapidly. A credential holder will be in control over their data and who sees it.

Enabling digital credentials to be stored in a crypto wallet can take months of development, meaning more money and time being spent from the already scarce resources of a developer's time. Dock will provide support for other languages based on market demand in the near future.

Our team is looking forward to achieving these significant milestones, continuing to grow Dock, and engaging with the community. We will continue to keep everyone updated through our blog and social channels, subscribe to our blog below.

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