With business going well and moving at a fast pace, Dock went on the search for great talent to help achieve their goals. Looking for like-minded people who were a perfect fit for the team and had exceptional skills in their chosen field, Dock was able to fill the roles of Project Manager and Cryptographic Advisor.

We’re pleased to introduce:

Adil Javed - Project Manager
Errol Drummond - Cryptographic Advisor

Joining at a crucial time as Dock reaches a busy point in it's development roadmap, Errol and Adil jumped straight into the on-going projects, helping out with the final stages of upcoming launches.

Being in the centre of the crypto world for the best part of 13 months, Errol came from a background of researching zero knowledge proofs as an Applied Cryptographer. His focus was specifically on PLONK and how it could be used to achieve recursion for scalability. Errol joined Dock as a Cryptographic Advisor mid-September and helped review the implementations of the signatures and accumulator schemes. With two months of exposure to Verifiable Credentials, he is now researching new avenues for Dock in verifiable encryption.

Our Project Manager, Adil, worked with several custom development teams for almost 6 years as an Agile Project Manager and JIRA Administrator. His previous role prior to joining Dock consisted of working for a Bank in the US, offering crypto services to its commercial and retail customers. Adil has now been a part of the Dock team for over 2 months as a Project Manager, working closely with the development team on the planning and execution of the roadmap, while ensuring key agile practices.

If you’d like to join the Dock team, you’re in luck! Our growing company is hiring for a Rust/Substrate Blockchain Developer. If you think you’d be a great fit for the role, apply here, we'd love to speak with you!

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