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In our mid-month update for June we hinted at some upcoming changes to the voting process and governance at Dock. These changes went live today and have introduced a new process for voting.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that our in-depth evaluation of the leading blockchain ecosystems has been completed. This eval has been ongoing, and after careful consideration we are proposing to move the Dock project from Ethereum to Polkadot.

DGP-1: The Dock Governance Proposal Process

The full scope of the proposed voting process changes have been released inside Dock Governance Proposal 1 (DGP-1). This process is meant to be the first of several steps towards embracing decentralized governance for the betterment of the Dock network and community.

DGP-1 contains our rationale for using this governance system and explains the work flow for anyone who wants to submit a DGP for a vote. By taking this first step towards a more transparent decision process, the Dock Core Developers seek to give DOCK holders a more impactful role in the evolution of the Dock network.

Please read the full proposal to understand how this process works as it affects all ongoing & future voting proposals.

DGP-2: Move Dock from Ethereum to Polkadot

Since Dock's inception the market has experienced many advancements  in technology that enable faster development velocity, vastly improved  scalability, on-chain governance upgrades, and far better user  experiences.

After evaluating various blockchain networks, Dock's Core Devs feel that Polkadot is the best choice and are confident they will meet our current and future ecosystem needs. The evaluated networks were:

  1. Ethereum 2.0
  2. Polkadot
  3. Cosmos
  4. Binance Chain

For a full understanding of our reasons for selecting Polkadot please read DGP-2.

Following the conclusion of this pivotal vote we will be releasing an updated litepaper clarifying our path forward and outlining our utilization of the tech required to get us there.

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