The Dock wallet & credential issuing platform are now Verifiable - A place for organizations to issue digital credentials and a digital wallet for individuals to store & share them.

Your Dock account has automatically moved, just login to with your existing credentials to get started.

As we move forward from May's milestone release of the Credential Issuing Platform, our latest efforts have been aimed at continuing to improve the overall user experience- for those issuing digital credentials through Dock and for those receiving them.

With that in mind, we're excited to share our last two weeks of progress in June's mid-month update.

Issuing Platform

  • Successful deployment of our first Issuer on the platform - Last week we deployed a full organization on the Credential Issuing Platform. The credentials that have been issued are anchored to the Ethereum mainnet and are Blockcerts compatible; meaning that they're verifiable through
  • Enabled uploading of custom images for organization's logos and custom credential templates - These features empower any org to maximize their brand exposure and customize the visual footprint of each credential they issue for sharing.
  • Significant progress on integrating metered billing - For organizations this will reduce friction and help us push blockchain adoption forward by serving organizations need for a seamless integration with our issuing platform.


  • Import Dock credentials - When you receive a credential issued through Dock, you can easily view your credential and seamlessly import it into a new or existing Dock wallet.
Claim your credential through your email - import it into your Dock wallet
  • Recipient Experience testing by the Dock Feedback Team - Our awesome members of the Feedback Team have been hard at work testing out our new wallet features while providing valuable suggestions and feedback. We recently issued them a special "Feedback Hero" credential that they tested by sharing, downloading, verifying and managing it through the wallet. For this testing project & moving forward we will be rewarding our most diligent contributors with digital badges and other "tokens" of appreciation. DM a telegram mod and sign up today!


  • Proposal 15: Preferred formats for updates - This proposal has ended, and the winning option was Video updates with AMA's a close second. Look for these formats to be incorporated in our future updates.
  • Governance and voting - We have updates and improvements coming to our proposal and voting process. These updates will create more transparency and greater dialogue within the community, and ensure the relevancy of the options.

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