The Dock wallet & credential issuing platform are now Verifiable - A place for organizations to issue digital credentials and a digital wallet for individuals to store & share them.

Your Dock account has automatically moved, just login to with your existing credentials to get started.

The team has been hard at work over the past few weeks improving the credential platform for both recipients & organizations while also preparing for the voting outcome of DGP-2: Moving from Ethereum to Polkadot.

The major changes to the voting process mentioned in June's mid-month update also went live last week. These changes represent our first step in the transition towards a more decentralized governance model for the Dock network.

Vote on the move to Polkadot

Prior to recommending such a significant change our core devs completed a review of four leading blockchain ecosystems over the course of multiple months - Binance Chain, Ethereum, Polkadot & Cosmos.

The result of this research directly led to the current proposal that Dock move from the Ethereum network to Polkadot. We have published the reasons on why Polkadot is the best fit for Dock's needs inside the full proposal for DGP-2 that can be found on github and our community forum. The forum is also the best place to post any questions or opinions you have concerning this proposal.

We are encouraging every member of our community to read DGP-2 so they can make an informed decision prior to voting.

New Voting Process

The Dock Governance Proposal process is now up for review on our github and community forum under the name of DGP-1. The proposal document provides a full summary about the voting process, why these changes are necessary and how members of the community can submit a proposal of their own for a public vote.

Wallet & Platform Updates

For organizations using our Credential Issuing Platform we pushed an update allowing them to use CSV files for bulk uploading & issuance, making the job of sending large batches of credentials to recipients much quicker.

For our recipient wallet we also released an upgrade making it compatible with any digital credential conforming to the Blockcerts standard. You can now upload credentials through the URL, raw JSON code, or JSON file representing the credential.

Community Housekeeping

If you have used your Dock account to log on to the community forum you will need to reset your password. We are deprecating our OAuth service for the forum, meaning you'll need to create a password to use instead of logging in via your Dock account.

For anyone using Find My Accounts to monitor a gmail address there is a temporary halt on new updates until we resolve an issue around a new Google requirement.


We are very excited about the progress we've made on the credential issuing platform and wallet, and plan to continue rolling out even more upgrades throughout July.

The decision on moving to Polkadot represents a significant opportunity for Dock, and after this vote concludes we will be releasing an updated litepaper that includes a roadmap for the coming months and a technical outline of the Dock network ecosystem.

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