Since the successful transition to Proof of Stake on July 7th, 2021, Dock’s mainnet has been working smoothly with over 434,000 blocks produced at the time of this post’s publishing. The key statistics for the network can be viewed real-time on our explorer.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the transition to Proof of Stake involved changing the consensus mechanism of our network from Aura to BABE, and this has made it necessary for us to retire the existing Proof of Authority network and start a new chain. However, we have taken precautions to minimize the impact of switching to a new chain on our users, by preserving the existing chain’s state in the new Proof of Stake network’s genesis block, as well as working with Subscan, our explorer provider, to make the historical data from the Proof of Authority chain available for our users. Today we are pleased to announce that these historical data can now be viewed at Here, you can leverage the explorer’s robust search functionality to look up the details of the blocks, events, extrinsics, and transfers on the retired chain.

We will follow up shortly with more information on how to participate in the further decentralized governance of the new Proof of Stake mainnet. In the meantime, please head to our blog and docs to learn more about the new network, including how to get involved as a staker (also referred to as "nominator") or a validator. You can also reach out to us via Twitter or Discord.

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