Dock has been on the search for great talent to help take the business to new heights. Over the past few months, we’ve been searching for the perfect fit to join our team as a Solutions Architect and Engineering Lead, Head of Business Development, and Content Marketing Manager.

We’re proud to introduce our new members of the Dock Team:

Mike Parkhill: Solutions Architect and Engineering Lead
Bryan Georges: Head of Business Development
Kiran Padam: Content Marketing Manager

It’s an exciting time to join Dock with the soft launch of our Verifiable Credentials API and soon-to-come mobile Wallet! Mike joined almost 2 months ago and helped lead the development team to complete the API milestone. He played a key role in coding and finalizing the design, as well as outlining features for creating and managing verifiable credentials.

With over 20 years of experience in software development, Mike is the perfect addition to lead the development team in successfully developing and launching upcoming products. In the past, his focus was in, and still remains in, software architecture and team leadership. Mike’s experience, integrity, and empathetic nature make him the ideal candidate to lead and manage the team.

Our Head of Business Development, Bryan, joined Dock a month ago, right before the soft launch of Verifiable Credentials API. Bryan hit the ground running and is in the process of devising a detailed GTM strategy for API and future products, and ways to drive growth and customers. Bryan is focused on planning a successful future for Dock and detailing how to get there.

Holding a decade of experience in digital identity and data, Bryan’s skillset ranges from outlining the best ways to bring new products to market and specifying launch tactics. For the last 5 years, and while working at Evernym, he has focused on the blockchain industry and decentralized identity. Bryan is fully equipped to lead Dock to a bright future in the blockchain industry, devising innovative product and commercial strategies.

The newest member of the Dock team, Kiran, joined as our Content Marketing Manager. Kiran joined the team at the beginning of August and dove straight into the launch of API. Copywriting sign-up emails, blog posts, and the Dock Twitter account, she is focused on gaining the attention of Dock’s audience and helping promote product launches.

With almost 10 years of experience in marketing, Kiran has broad and in-depth knowledge of the marketing matrix, with a focus on content and marketing psychology. Her skillset and ability to create compelling copy, with attention to design, is what makes her a perfect fit for the Content Marketing Manager position.

Join the Dock Team

If you’d like to join the Dock team, you’re in luck! Our growing business is hiring for 2 specific roles; Project Manager and Substrate Engineer. If you think you’d be a great fit for one of these roles, apply here and we’ll love to speak with you!

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