We’re pleased to announce that the Dock mainnet has successfully transitioned to Proof of Stake (PoS) network today. This is a major milestone for the Dock community which can now play an active role in securing and running the Dock network.

The transition to PoS further decentralizes the network by expanding the validator pool to 50 concurrent validators (there may be several hundred vying for top 50 spots) who are selected based on the amount of Dock tokens they have staked. This also marks a transition to more open governance with token holders being able to elect council members and vote on proposals.

To ensure that the new mainnet is safe to use, we have worked with the security experts at Solidified in partnership with Cryptonics Consulting to perform an audit of the network. The final report from the auditors shows that all issues identified have been resolved or acknowledged by the Dock team and is publicly available on our Github.

Please follow the following links on how to participate in the network as a nominator or a validator and we will follow up soon with an additional article on how governance works in the new mainnet. You can also learn more by reading our docs, and please feel free to reach out to us via Twitter or Discord with any questions.

We hope you enjoy the new mainnet as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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